Traditional Topics for a Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression Therapy is a 5000 years old method, that is well acknowledged in India and many other countries. When we get to know or remember some of our past lives, we realize : Behavioral patterns and the way we perceive things in the current life, very often derive from stored memories in our soul. Meaning that our past lives are not a far away thing or hard to grasp - we are rather the sum of all our previous lives and soul memories. Here are the most traditional topics for a PLR :


Life mission / Spirituality:

 * What is my vocation in this life?

* Which lifepath should i choose?

* What makes me afraid of beginning something new?

* Which experience did i make in a past life?

* Which values are important to me?

* Is there life after death?

* Reorientation of profession.

* The meaning of life and the personal life task.

* Spiritual and personal development.

* Who is my spirit guide?



 * Why do i have unfulfilled relationships / friendships?

* Why do my relationships never last long?

* Do i know this person from a past life?

* Why can´t i let go of this person?

* What stops me from going into a deeper relationship with someone?

* Why is my wish for a child still unfulfilled?

* Why do i always have arguments with a certain person?

* Relationship problems & problems with friends.

* Unfulfilled sexuality and blockades.

* Reocurring conflicts with people.

* Unresolved conflicts with father, mother, siblings.

* Death of a loved one.


Emotional hurtings :

 * Why can i not have meaningful connections with others?

* Why can´t i let people see who i really am?

* Why do i avoid physical touch?

* Approaching others or avoiding people.

* Unresolved experiences from childhood and youth.


Personal aspects:

 * Low self - esteem, low self - worth.

* Unproductive beliefs like " I will never be good enough, I cannot achieve this".

* Fear to show the real self.

* Fear to be the center of public attention.

* Intense fear of the future.

* Lack of motivation.

* Lack of joy.


Specific fears:

 * I am scared to fly in an aeroplane ( Hights, Spiders etc.)

* I am scared in tight places.

* I am scared to cross bridges.

* I am scared to do exams.

* I am scared to speak in public.

* I am scared of people.

* I can never relax or have relaxed sleep.

* I am scared of death.


General Health :

 * Have my physical problems or my pain to do with a past life?

* Why do i have this illness?

* What does my body want to tell me?

* I have many problems with my ears - what do i not want to hear?

* My knee won´t heal - what is it that stops me from walking - having to do with a past life?

* Are my nightmares memories of a past life?

* Chronic illnesses without any organic reason to be found.