What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a very old method, in which a state between wakefulness and sleep is achieved. It is characterized by a deep relaxation, an increased absorption capacity and concentration on the inner experience. In this Trance state, our subconscious mind is open to desired changes. At the same time, Trance allows access to our higher self and thus to all memories of our Soul.

Application areas

Spiritual Grief support

In many countries the reincarnation cycle is seen as a fact by experience. In some cultures the families evaluate which soul is reborn to them by using techniques to contact their Spirit Guides when someone is pregnant. Also it is common that famous personalities are announced with the titles of their most significant previous lives ! The spiritual world & source where we all come from is not at all as remote and unattainable as many of us in the western world got taught. Human death is only a transition to the purely spiritual & energetic consciousness level - we are an immortal soul.

As a client you will be guided into a trance state and then into the garden of encounters, which enables you to meet the passed away souls and  communicate with them at a soul level. This state is based only on the emotional level and is indescribably touching - the egomind is thereby switched off. You can ask questions, finally convey unspoken things and find out how well your loved one is doing back at their spiritual home. A place where we will all gather again when we ourselves make the crossing too.

Blockade Solution

Most people have experienced situations in their childhood or life that changed their inner believe- system about themselves and the way they view the world in an unhelpful way. The cause - orientated hypnosis accompanies the client back to the corresponding moments in this life and  rewrites the inner story by adding resources to the past situation. Towards a state that makes a fulfilled life possible again. Often, we are not aware of any connection between a burdensome blockade and the triggering moment in the childhood / youth / course of life - the cause-oriented hypnosis senses the causal situation and works on it purposefully.


 The Soul Life Therapy method by Ralf Hungerland will guide you through the significant memories of your childhood, through birth and then through your past lives to detect the root of a problem.