Life between lives journey ( LBL)

A soul journey into our life between lives is a profound spiritual experience in which you receive answers and salutary messages on your life questions, your task as a soul and your soul plan. Dr. Michael Newton has developed this method (LBL = Life between lives) as a hypnotherapist in decade-long work and has deliberately directed his clients into "life between lives". The souljourney back to our source is a light and transforming experience that gives you deep insights and answers for your current life and reminds you of who you really are as a soul.

In our preliminary talk I prepare you for this journey and discuss your life questions with you. On a comfortable couch, you will embark on your spiritual journey to the spiritual world. I lead you into a deep, relaxed trance, which gives you access to your soul memories.


In this altered state of consciousness, you direct your conscious attention inside. The trance is similar to a relaxed "awake sleep" in which we fade down the external influences in order to focus on inner images and perceptions.


You receive the information in the form of images, feelings, body sensations, thoughts or intuitive knowledge. All knowledge is transmitted to you through your higher self and your soul guidance. The souljourney first leads through a return to a significant pre-life and then through the death at that time. Being detached from your body, you reach a higher dimension as a soul - the life between lives. On this level, you are directly connected with the highest consciousness of your mind.


Your energy body dips into a world full of lightness, light and love. You meet your spirit and soul guide, who accompanies you during this journey and stands by you as a spiritual and wise guide. I guide you through the individual stations of your soul home - look into the soul mirror, soul trail, soul family, advice of the wise souls and your soul guide answers your life questions.

I am in touch with you all the time so that I can follow, accompany and lead your journey. I record your soul journey as an audio file so that you can listen to it again at any time.



Questions for a soul journey could be ...


What is the deeper meaning of my life today? What happens to my soul when I die? Who is my spiritual guide? What messages are there for me from the spiritual world? Who is my soulmate? Who is my soul family? How do I get back into my power and be able to radiate my soul light? How far have i come on my planned and desired life path yet? What is the deeper meaning of my life experiences? What is my soul plan?


The spiritual soul journey to our source can become one of the most wonderful experiences in this life. It is important to be open for the inner images and messages and trust the spirit world completely. For a LBL journey it is a prerequisite that you have already had the experience of a Past Life Regression.