Die Soul Life Therapy Methode® nach Ralf Hungerland


Die Soul Life Therapy Methode® wurde von Ralf Hungerland aus seiner 20-jährigen Rückführungserfahrung entwickelt, um einen ganzheitlichen Heilweg zu nutzen, der sämtliche Erinnerungen der Seele mit einbezieht. Die Methode führt in frühere Leben und ist dabei spirituell ausgerichtet. Sie arbeitet dabei mit Gefühlen, Gedanken und inneren Bildern und ist eine echte Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe. Dabei ist es für den Klienten nicht notwendig, an Wiedergeburt zu glauben. Er kann das gesamte Erleben während der Rückführung auch als eine Metapher annehmen.


 Die Soul Life Therapy Methode® fördert und aktiviert Selbstheilungskräfte, welches sich auf psychischer und körperlicher Ebene auswirken kann. Viele Themen und Blockaden konnten auf diese Weise schon erfolgreich gelöst werden : Burnout, Höhenangst, Schlafprobleme, unproduktive Beziehungsmuster - um nur einige Beispiele zu nennen. Eine Rückführung gibt immer auch Klärung für den tieferen Sinn unseres Daseins, den Lebensplan und manchmal auch für eine berufliche Veränderung.

Um die Ursache einer bestimmten Problematik zu entdecken, arbeitet diese Methode mit dem Leitgefühl - " in welchem Leben tauchte dieses Gefühl das erste Mal auf ? " Durch ein Wiedererleben, der Veränderung der inneren Geschichte, Heilende Rituale ( z.B. Selbstvergebung), Begegnungen mit anderen Seelen und der karmischen Auflösung können viele Themen zur Auflösung kommen, die  dann im jetzigen Leben auch als gelöst empfunden werden.

Reaktionen wie Trauern, Weinen und Lachen sind für den Heilprozess positiv und gewünscht.

The Soul Life Therapy Method®  by Ralf Hungerland


The Soul Life Therapy  method®  by Ralf Hungerland 

 contains a holistic orientated method to support self-healing on a soul level and it activates self-regulating forces. The method can put body, mind and soul back in balance and has a positive effect on the mental and physical health. Benefits can be achieved for matters like Burnout, Sleeping problems, Unfulfilled sexuality, Fear of flying, Claustrophobia and many more. Clients with Relationship problems can find answers and solutions.

The spiritual aspect of a Past Life Regression provides answers for a deeper meaning of  life, the life mission and often a career reorientation.

The Soul Life Therapy method® contains following elements:

•  Working with the feeling of origin to find the root of a topic. It does never directly work with the symptoms, which is a clear differentiation to any medical treatment.
 •  Ways of healing and dissolution of topics ( Re-experiencing , Reframing of the inner paradigma, Healing rituals, Encounters with other souls, karmic dissolutions for example ).
 •  The time levels : Current life, Past Life , Life between Lives, Future Lives.
 •  Spiritual Places ( The garden of encounters , The Lake of healing )
 •  Contact and dialogue with your Spirit Guide.
 •  Interpretation of the aspects of the Past Lives.
 •  Spiritual insight of the concept of the soul and Past Lives.

 Therapeutic Routes - Soul Life Therapy®

1. Healing by Re - Experiencing
  Sometimes it is necessary to look at and feel through unpleasent scenes and soul memories. Reactions such as laughter, crying and grief can not only happen in a PLR but are an important part of the healing process. Not the conscious knowledge about the situation is decisive here, but the emotional processing. Sometimes the re-experiencing of a past situation is a way to dissolve the subject or to make other paths possible. Nevertheless is this method  a very mild one , as i can initiate an instant time leap or let you see a difficult situation from the birds perspective - the self- healing effect will stay the same. You will find that a PLR is one of the most relaxing modes you can be in. You travel in the memories of your own soul and your soul knows it is eternal. 
2. Healing through rituals
 Rituals can help us to communicate to other souls and to let go of an experience. This applies to all topics that we have processed sufficiently. We can also use rituals to integrate the re-experience.

• Bathing in a lake with healing water
• Let a balloon float away with the old energies
• "Archive" the experience in a treasure chest, chest or photo album.
• Healing by light energy
• Goblet of Forgiveness
• Release anything "old" into a campfire


3. Healing through encounters with the other souls
  The encounter with a deceased person can have a very strong healing effect. Sometimes these souls reappear in the garden of encounters and have messages for us, or we can ask them questions. Even the mere encounter or presence can be very bene
ficial. Many then feel a great bond and belonging to these souls. All this can reduce the grief for the loss of a loved one. Sometimes, clients are deliberately looking for such encounters, and sometimes they emerge unexpectedly. In both cases, they have a deeply affecting effect. 

4. Karma 

The expression stems from Sanskrit and means: Act. The idea from the point of view of reincarnation therapy is that our actions have an impact on our current and also on our subsequent lives. Quite simply, we are rewarded for good deeds and punished for bad deeds. This is not a punishment from the spiritual point of view, but is important and necessary for the development of the soul. When one looks at several previous lives, karmic connections are often shown. The victim of an act was often a culprit in a previous life. The recognition of guilt for the deeds in the previous life is then the essential healing aspect. Sometimes it is the tasks to be fulfilled in today's life. For example, Longer-lasting conflicts with other persons have karmic connections. Physical and mental problems can also be of karmic importance. If this is reflected in a regression, this is an essential step for the healing process. However, the cause of a problem does not have to be karmic. If the healing of the other processes is not possible, there is a high probability of a karmic Connection.


5. Change the inner narrative & reframe
 We can not change the past. This applies both to the present life and to past lives. We can, however, differentiate the influence of the past on our present life. For this, our brain needs an alternative, a new inner story.
This is helpful in minimizing or even rendering the emotional part of the old experience. First of all, it is a matter of enabling the change of inner narrative. When you come to me for a Past Life Regression - your soul will already know and have choosen which past lives and  scenes you will be shown. They are always highly relevant for your  personal problem/topic  and you will definetely be able to cope with these memories after the session. These are  the solution processes, which are also partly connected to one another:

• Send belated resources, strengths and energy to the person that the client was in a past life
• Allow emotions like disappointment, anger, grief etc.
• Develop forgiveness and / or compassion for the people involved. 
 • Return responsibility back to those people who are responsible.

Afterwards, a new inner narrative can be written or visualized. This new narrative is the base of a new perception and a new inner past, the effect  reaches into the present and the future. The old original narrative may then move into an internal archive as an "experience" .


 Important note:

If you have a physical illness, please clarify any organic cause with your GP. Mental illnesses ( Schizophrenic disorder, Delusions and Mania, Depressions, Addictions, Trauma, PTSD, Suicidal tendencies for example ) require  Treatment. With clients, who are already in Psychotherapy - in agreement with the Therapist - Past Life Regression can be a good amendment. I am not allowed and also cannot make any healing promises - as healing is always self- healing in the final analysis - depending on many  factors.